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Class Descriptions


In the Basics class, students learn a full range of self-defense techniques, including: awareness, assault deterrence, and setting verbal boundaries. Physical skills are practiced full contact and full force with the “model mugger”. This enables us to learn to overcome the freeze response and to strategize and assess options while in an adrenalized state.

Classes are taught in a supportive environment that allows each student freedom to make her own choices. Scenarios start slowly and increase in realism as the students’ skills increase. Small class sizes allow for maximum personal attention and individualized instruction.



The Women’s Basic class is 20-25 hours, (often taught over two weekends in a row, Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM). Sound like a lot of time to commit? Many busy families and college students have a hard time imagining committing to two weekends of class. But you might want to compare it to the amount of time that you probably spent learning to drive or to swim. Like driving and swimming, self-defense is a skill that may some day save your life.

And compared to other physical training, WAMM and other IMPACT-style self-defense classes teach a remarkable amount in a relatively short period.


Who can take a WAMM class?

“It’s not the size of the woman in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the woman.”

The courses are designed for all people, you don’t have to be athletic. The non-competitive environment honors each student’s abilities, and WAMM welcomes people of all levels of physical fitness. Each woman develops a self-defense style that maximizes her own strengths. We are committed to removing barriers for all students. We can adapt the class to your individual challenges or pre-existing injuries and are happy to talk with you about your needs.


What you learn:

  • to de-escalate potentially dangerous confrontations in a variety of settings
  • to physically protect yourself using many techniques including your voice, your brain, and your body
  • to avoid danger utilizing awareness of your surroundings and sending non-verbal signals that decrease your chances of being targeted
  • to shorten your natural "freeze" response by training in a realistic, adrenaline based learning environment


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Other Benefits of the training:

  • many WAMM students report that learning the physical skills necessary to stop someone from hurting them also leads to benefits in other areas of their lives. Some examples of these benefits include:
  • increased assertiveness in relationships
  • ability to communicate clearly and directly
  • increased ability to say no in a variety of circumstances
  • more self-confidence and the ability to take on new challenges
  • increased self-esteem and trust in our intuition
  • assistance in recovery from a traumatic past experience
  • experience less fear and helplessness in the world, the workplace, and the home


Ann Arbor, Michigan

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